Half-a-Day Then Fly Away! Posted on January 19th, 2014 by

Today we were only on campus until after lunch because many people from our group are going away this weekend! Some of us are going to cork, while others are headed to Ennis and others still to Doolin. “I’m excited to travel to Ennis because I’ve traveled abroad before in high school but we weren’t able to go off on our own then, I am excited to finally be able to. I am also happy that other people from our group are traveling to different places than I am so I will get to hear about their different experiences, it should be very interesting!” Said Allisse Rouleau.

While on campus today we met briefly with Pricilla and Baker to discuss our final project: 40 photos and two creative essays; 20 photos and a corresponding essay describing urban areas as well as 20 photos and an essay describing rural Ireland. Each of us are to come up with a theme for both projects, something that will link the photos together in a way that will help to describe an element of the culture, land, people etc. “For my urban landscape project I will be focusing on road signs because I am interested in how they differ from what I am used to seeing in the states,” said Alli Conrad.

After our meeting, we enjoyed hearing about Robert Ellis’s (Robert the younger) photographic career. Robert doubles as the librarian at the Burren collage of art and a fantastic photographer. He described his journey as a photographer and his themes for each of his projects. Robert’s latest journey was to Uganda; his photos from that trip will be shown in Switzerland in the next few months- he expressed his excitement for the opportunity, but also said that he was feeling a bit nervous to show his work as well. Sarah Larson said, “I really enjoyed learning about his journey to Uganda, the photos seemed to portray stories of the places and people he interacted with, the photos were great conversation pieces. I also feel we got to know him better as a person through the perspective in which he chose to express his experiences there.”

After lunch at the college, I walked back to town to explore the shoreline of the bay right off of Ballyvaghan and also to capture the beautiful day before it would undoubtedly start raining. Sarah, Becca and I went out to the pier and watched the rain clouds roll in from the other side of the bay. IMG_2851


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