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Hola y gracias a Dios for safe travels and fun adventures.

This morning at 9:30 we left for The Cross on the Hill, which is a peak overlooking La Isla Blanca and Chimbote. Standing upon this mountain top is a giant cross that can be seen from the rooftop of the Parish as well as most of Chimbote. The switchback, dirt, narrow path leading up to the chapel was a test of faith for many as we trusted the rusted mini vans to carry us to the chapel. This chapel was built in the 60’s (probably) and is a beautifully constructed place of meditation and remembrance. There were pillars along an oblong path that represented the beads of a rosary. I found it peaceful to mindfully walk among them, thinking of those who have gone before me. Unfortunately, the chapel is not maintained due to being previously occupied by Shining Path members and becoming a victim of vandalization. Entering in the chapel was an adventure itself because of the symbolic way it was constructed. First we walked through a dark, dark cave where we stumbled on unsure ground and bumped into the walls and each other. This represented the darkness of sin and the death of Christ before new and resurrected life. And after we journeyed for a little while, we walked up the stairs into a lit area where the tomb of priests were kept and a book where all the visitors record their presence. We made our way into the sanctuary, well lit by the sun itself, which is symbolic for new life. Afterwards, many of the group members set foot to hike the rest of the way to the top. After many encouraging words such as “sí, se puede” (yes, you can), sips of water, and sweat droplets later we reached the top to enjoy the view of the beach we visited yesterday, boats in the bay, Chimbote, and of course, the sea.

We returned for a late lunch and a tiny siesta, and some of us decided to reapply sun screen and headed to the beach for a cultural experience, whereas some stayed back to give their bodies a break from the sun and enjoy some down time.

Despite minimal health side effects (such as sunburn, diarrhea, and jellyfish stings) we are looking forward to another week of serving the people of Perú.

Shout out to Mum, Daddy, Neish, Stephie, & Mikey :)

Emileah Mae ZumBerge



  1. Hayley lofquist says:

    It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time!! I wish I were back with you!! Enjoy every moment :)

  2. Lisa Smetana says:

    Hey, Rachel Smetana! How are you doing? Miss you! Auntie Lisa