Adventures in Limerick

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On Thursday the group got up and boarded the bus to head to Limerick! Before getting there we read a lot about the city through Frank’s eyes from the novel Angela’s Ashes. In class we have been discussing about his life in Limerick and then we actually got to see it in our own eyes. The first stop we made was at the Frank McCourt Museum. The museum is in the actual building where he once went to school. The museum was awesome because it showed how the school looked at the time that Frank went there AND it also had a replica of the apartment him and his family lived in. Becca and I got some photo opts with a fake young Frank sitting in a school desk – it was great! It was exciting to see where he got his words from for Angela’s Ashes. We also went to the Hunt Museum that held a few Picaso’s in its collection which was awesome to see! The Hunt Museum had a lot of artifacts dating all the way back to the Stone Age.

Frank McCourt Museum

Frank McCourt Museum

After the museum adventures all of us split off into groups to go explore the city and hopefully take some photographs, if it wasn’t raining too hard. A lot of the groups walked around the city and shopped. I know that there was an old style candy shop that became quickly popular to a lot of people in our group. Becca, Leah, Alli, and I walked around and found King John’s Castle. I mean it’s a castle so we obviously went in to take the castle museum tour. What was so great about this castle was all of the interactive things that you could do. For example, the castle has a huge courtyard with a ton of rooms to show how the life was back when the castle was in use. We learned about how bricks were made from the stone mason, how they made coins, where they had huge feast, and what kind of weaponry they made and used for battles. The museum also had costumes that looked like traditional Irish wear at the time. We tried on traditional solider uniforms, suit of armor, and wow that really dragged Leah down. I think the best part of the whole tour was climbing up to the tallest tower to look over the whole city of Limerick. If it wasn’t raining it would have been the ideal spot to get some great pictures. It was a fantastical adventure or in Becca’s words “it was so magical”.


What was the best part of our trip to Limerick?
“Well, I liked the thrift store. There was a piano that you could play on – Kailee played on it for all of us. There were a lot of pretty plants that I wish I could’ve brought home. I liked all of the old things that they had for sale – it was great!” – Allisse

Any places you would suggest to see when traveling to Limerick? Why? “I would definitely recommend King John’s Castle. It was so fun to be able to try on costumes and put yourself in the mindset of someone that actually lived in the castle. Plus shooting cannons was really fun.” – Becca

King John's Castle

King John’s Castle

What has been your favorite meal in Ireland? “When we went to the pie maker in Galway. I had a spicy chorizo and mozzarella pie and banoffee pie for desert. It was spectacular!” – Kailee



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