January 24th

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by

Nepal blog 01/24

Sara Kullberg, Larissa Milne

Today was a nice relaxing day in Pokhara, our final full day in Nepal. We began the day with a late breakfast, and then split into rotations to visit the Seeing Hands Clinic. Seeing Hands is an organization that works to provide individuals who are blind with training and jobs in the art of massage. After learning about the organization, we were all able to have individual massage appointments. The massages were excellent, very professional. It was the perfect start to our day. The appointments spanned from late morning to early afternoon, followed by lunch at one of the local restaurants. We then had the opportunity to go boating on Lake Fewa in Pokhara. It was beautiful! The boats were similar to wooden canoes, and we went in groups of four. The lake was really calm, the breeze was cool, and you could see the Himalayas in the background. So beautiful. Following that, we used the rest of our day to enjoy the sights and atmosphere of this area in Nepal.


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