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Sadly, today was our last day in the wonderful small village of Ballyvaughan.  We spent the day at the college scrambling to finish our photo and creative writing projects.  Each of us met with Priscilla and Baker to gather some constructive criticism in order to perfect our projects by the end of the trip.  We all hung out in the studio most of the day, and the rain and hail pounding against the metal roof made it difficult to concentrate.  I’d like to think it was the Burren’s way of bidding us farewell and wishing us luck on the remainder of our travels.

Our home away from home!

Our home away from home!

Our studies at the Burren College of Art concluded with the presentation of our writing and photography to our Gustavus and BCA peers.  We settled into the café with some lovely treats left by Ann and Martina.  As our photography was displayed in a slideshow, each of us took a turn reading our writing to the group.  It was great to reflect on our time in Ireland and laugh along with our classmates about the 80s music at Logue’s Lodge.  The oppressive rain, stone walls, and the friendly people here were also popular subjects in our essays and personal narratives.  Mary, the college president, gave us a farewell speech, assuring us that the weather is not this wet all the time in Ireland, and presented us with a sketchbook to encourage the continuation of our creative energies.


Now it is time for everyone to stuff all their souvenirs in their suitcase, and hope and pray that it weighs less than fifty pounds.  Many of us braved the wind one last time to visit Logue’s for one last hoorah.  I finally tried the Bailey’s Cheesecake that I’ve been dying to try this whole time!  When asked about her thoughts about leaving Ballyvaughan and our future adventures in Dublin, Lauren Schiltz said, “I’m going to miss the sense of community in Ballyvaughan, and I’m looking forward to a change of pace in Dublin.”  Morgan Cronin agreed with her saying, “I am excited to be in a city and not such a remote area,” but also mentioned that she would “miss how cute and cozy the cottage is.”  Tram Bui replied, “I will miss how casual, relaxed, and simple this town is and how kind all the people are.  I’ll be looking forward to all the culture that Dublin has to offer.  It’s a big bustling city.  I hope I get to see everything I want to in those few days!”  I will definitely second my classmates’ opinions about this bittersweet day.  I am going to miss the peace and quiet in Ballyvaughan, but I am very excited to see the shops, pubs, and museums in Dublin.

Gotta go pack my suitcase!


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