January 26th- last full day in India

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Today was the last full day of our trip in India and Nepal. We woke up early to attend a 6am mass at the Mother Teresa Home. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to eat breakfast.

From there we were assigned groups to do volunteer work at different sites of Mother Teresa’s organization called Missionaries of Charity. We spent our morning here working with disabled children and adults, as well as the dying and destitute. We did some common things such as laundry, feeding the patients and doing dishes. Some people even got to paint nails, but the most memorable was interacting with the people. We all had a great deal to share about our experiences at discussion this evening.

This afternoon we went to the monthly gathering of volunteers for the various homes. Here we met volunteers from all around the world. Many of them shared with us their stories of how they came to volunteer for Mother Teresa’s charities.

Tomorrow we will begin our journey home. We have all had really great experiences in India and Nepal but we cannot wait to get home to see our family and friends…and eat American food!

A special reminder: our flight lands at 5:12pm on Tuesday January 28th so don’t forget us!

–Heidi and Kyle



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