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Last weekend in Ireland

This weekend was our last weekend in Ireland, so we had to make it count! On Saturday my cottage mates and I celebrated Lacie’s bachelorette party. We surprised her with chocolate fondue and whine. After watching the movie “Bridesmaids,” we started our Pub Crawl through Ballyvaughn. We first went to Logue’s Lodge, then to Greene’s […]

Continuing the Adventure

Jess R. and Dan V. here with this week´s update. Dan: First and foremost, Spanish keyboards are a puzzle. So, if all my apostrophes are wacky symbols, hang in there. We had some bathroom problems the last week caused by illness. You know you´re really becoming friends with a group of people when the solidity […]

A Small Field Trip, and a Night of Cards

Today (Friday the 24th) was our last day talking about our readings in class.  We discussed four short stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners and how the stories depicted the sad reality of the typical person living in Ireland at the time; and for that reason it took him a long time to get this book […]

January 24th

Nepal blog 01/24 Sara Kullberg, Larissa Milne Today was a nice relaxing day in Pokhara, our final full day in Nepal. We began the day with a late breakfast, and then split into rotations to visit the Seeing Hands Clinic. Seeing Hands is an organization that works to provide individuals who are blind with training […]

January 15th

India blog 01/15 Lyndsi Schwichtenberg, Larissa Milne We arrived in Delhi early this morning after our second trip on a night train. We checked into our YMCA hostel for breakfast, but then loaded a bus for a 4 hour trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. Definitely a must see when traveling around India! […]

January 19th

Most people are feeling significantly better, but many are still under the weather.  Our flight from Katmandu to Pokhara was delayed because of the fog, and we had to wait in the airport for 4 hours.  It was a really small plane, and there was only one other passenger besides our group.  The view of […]

Final Showcase

Two red chairs and two tables; one black and one; were lined up by the curtain at the Gaiety School of Acting’s black box theatre. We, the fourteen students from America, were dressed in our blacks and seated on bright red chairs on the far sides of the stage. Throughout the show, we would rise […]

Adventures in Limerick

On Thursday the group got up and boarded the bus to head to Limerick! Before getting there we read a lot about the city through Frank’s eyes from the novel Angela’s Ashes. In class we have been discussing about his life in Limerick and then we actually got to see it in our own eyes. […]

India/Nepal 1/23/2014

This was the last morning of our homestay our host mamas started our day off with a hot cup of yea and a good breakfast which included fried rings of dough which reminded us a little bit of doughnuts. After breakfast we had a farewell ceremony where we received fresh flower necklaces. Then we started […]

Hello Himalayas!

By Signe Laura Peltier Thorpe   "Half of the group, including me, just did a 5 hour hike up the Himalayas to the village of Sirubari where we did our rural home stays, 1100 M up. My family was so great, they didn't speak English so there was a lot of charades but they were so […]