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A Quiet Day in the Burren

We are halfway through our third week in Ireland, and we cannot believe how the time has flown! Morgan, Aly, and I had planned to walk to the college today, but when we saw the dark clouds warning of rain this morning, we decided we would wait for Robert and the van. No longer than […]

The Beginning of the End

Today (the twenty-first) marked our last full Tuesday here in Ballyvaughan. We will be leaving for Dublin one week from today and everyone is doing their best to enjoy their last few days here. We woke up to the now all-too familiar sound of rain, and although the day was rather rainy and cloudy overall, […]

Return from Cork and Ceili Dancing

After a weekend of enjoying some free time in both Cork and Blarney, we were relieved to only have one class in the afternoon in order to get some rest after some long travels. After a discussion of Angela’s Ashes with Baker and individually going over our photographic project proposals with Priscilla, we were ready […]

Experiencing Irish Culture

One of the best parts about our program is that in addition to practical acting classes we have several days per week with scheduled time for cultural visits lead by an employee of the Gaiety School of Acting. We have had the privilege of seeing the book of Kells and the old library at Trinity […]

Freetime in Ireland

This weekend we were finally set free to explore Ireland- provided we stayed in groups and told Baker and Priscilla where we’d be getting our beauty sleep. Aly, Lacie, Tram, Jessica, Eric, and I all decided to go to Cork. Friday night we split up, as Aly and I were meeting up with a good […]

¡Sí se puede!

Hola y gracias a Dios for safe travels and fun adventures. This morning at 9:30 we left for The Cross on the Hill, which is a peak overlooking La Isla Blanca and Chimbote. Standing upon this mountain top is a giant cross that can be seen from the rooftop of the Parish as well as […]

Half-a-Day Then Fly Away!

Today we were only on campus until after lunch because many people from our group are going away this weekend! Some of us are going to cork, while others are headed to Ennis and others still to Doolin. “I’m excited to travel to Ennis because I’ve traveled abroad before in high school but we weren’t able […]

January 18th, 2014

idi Ide and Hana Fischer Today marks the halfway point in our journey through India and Nepal! We’re having a blast! Some people felt a little under the weather this morning so we had simple foods for breakfast. Everyone was super excited to have toast (usually we just have untoasted bread). They gave us a […]

January 17th, 2014

Written by Stephanie Glaser and Angel: Today we first went to the primary care center. We had a long but extremely interesting and insightful discussion with the main doctor there. Some of the main points include: -patient centered care. In an ideal health system, the doctor should go to the patients home instead of the […]