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Our Group at the Gua Wang Burma One and Two Entrance

Our Group at the Gua Wang Burma One and Two Entrance

This past weekend, the 12 of us and the faculty/staff of USM headed to Perlis State Park in Kaki Bukit, Perlis, Malaysia! Among the various outings, Spelunking in particular happened on Sunday morning! In case you were wondering, spelunking is also known as caving!

To reach the cave, we trekked about 2 miles from our cabins to the entrance of the Gua Wang Burma One and Gua Wang Burma Two. As we approached the caves, I couldn’t begin to contain my excitement, but also pure terror (I was scared out of my mind). We were heading into a dark unknown cave in the middle of Malaysia. In addition there was a total absence of light beyond the entrance (thus, the need for headlamps). Yet, we were also traveling somewhere that not many people (outside of Malaysia) have the privilege to go!

The Gua Wang Burma caves are divided into two sections. Gua Wang Burma Satu (One) is far less challenging and more touristy – with rock formations. Gua Wang Burma Dua (Two) is both physically and mentally more challenging with its dark and narrow passages, including muddy tunnels, that force you to crawl/squeeze your way through to reach the water/rock formations in the inner part of the cave.

Once we were finally in the cave, we descended down 3 flights of stairs to reach Gua Wang Burma Satu! The walk was magnificent, with amazing rock formations just about everywhere! Additionally, there was a plethora of bats chillin’ on the walls and a vast number of species on the cave floors. I found it incredibly fascinating to know that much of the cave ground was made of built up bat feces! The first cave consisted of much infrastructure – it was ginormous! The next cave farther into the cave and it involved more strenuous physical movement as it involved us squeezing into tiny, tiny, tiny spaces (some people could not take part).

Wang Burma Dua was more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge! Prior to the trip, our cikgu (professors) warned us about the possibility of leeches within the water and I was freaking out! As we started out, we trekked down this steep rock formation to a rope that descended down to a deeper part of the cave. Next, we traveled a ways before beginning the tight squeezes into small holes and shortly after we reached the water aspect – this is when I began to freak out!  The entire time I was rushing through the water on all fours praying that I’d make it out without any leeches!

In the end, all was good and I had a great time! I believe I speak for all of us Gusties when I say that Wang Burma Satu and Dua were AMAZING! It was an experience I will never forget. Everyday that I am in Malaysia, I am more and more excited about all that it has to offer. Some of my greatest memories are formulated in this distant, warming country!


Best wishes from Malaysia

– Haley Coller



Cave Entrance

Cave Entrance



Inside the Massive Cave One


End of Wang Burma One and Two


Amazing Rock Formations!



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  1. Carolyn O'Grady says:

    OMG, just thinking about spelunking scares me. Whoever took that great group picture of you all — can it be sent to me by email? I want to use it on the next Sem in Malaysia brochure!!