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Traditional Malaysian Meal in Bahasa Melayu!

HELLO FRIENDS!! :) A few weeks ago, we all traveled to the local Tesco where we completed an assignment as part of our Bahasa Melayu class (Language Course). Our task included finding distinctive recipe ingredients under an allotted price. At the time, our Cikgu’s hinted at the fact that we may be cooking some of […]

Vasakhi at the Sikh Gurdwara

On April 14 we were invited to the Penang Police Sikh Gurdwara (temple) to witness the end of the annual Vasakhi celebration. Vasakhi is akin to a “Sikh New Year” celebration, and our Sikhism teacher from our Religious Experiences of Malaysia class, Mr. Kirpal Singh, hosted us at the Gurdwara. As we arrived, anyone who […]

Merbok and Matang Mangrove Ecology

We had the opportunity to visit Sungai Merbok and Sungai Sepetang to study the mangrove ecosystem for our tropical ecology class. Mangroves are unique trees because they are adapted to live in saline conditions, as well as with changing tidal levels. They have unique root adaptations that will stabilize them in the soil and also […]

Kampung Sungai Bujang

During our field trip on Saturday to the mangroves, we were given the opportunity to meet local children and young adults from Kampung Sungai Bujang. When we arrived at the school, the local children showered us with the different tropical flowers of the region that they had hand picked themselves. We definitely felt like celebrities, […]