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Welcome to the blog for the J-Term course, South Africa: Examining Global Service! This blog will serve as a platform for students to share their experience, provide insight into their respective learnings and challenges, and to raise meaningful questions that will engage you, the reader.

The blogs will be stories and reflections on events that occurred that day or in previous days while in Cape Town. They will not be a running journal of our time, but rather focus on major experiences and thoughts on those experiences. We will have limited email access and will post when we are able. So, please know we will post when we can.

IMG_0036I encourage you to read posts from the last time we were in Cape Town, in 2013, to give you a sense of what students learn and experience. To read the blogs, click here.

We hope that you follow along and comment. Your responses are highly welcomed – please feel free to ask questions and say hello.

Looking forward to our journey and sharing it with you.




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