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Germany: Much More than Alps, Beer and Castles

A great teacher once told me, “Many years from now, people will seldom remember the things you said. Your actions will often be forgotten too. But what people will almost never forget, regardless of how much time has passed, is the way you made them feel”. For our group’s final day in Germany we all […]

Gusties in the Mountains; an Unexpected Journey

While they did not find themselves battling a greedy dragon on the slopes of the lonely mountain, an unexpected journey was already brewing when the Gusties stepped onto the bus destined for the Bavarian Alps this morning. Today’s tour brought us through some of  Bavaria’s most remarkable places. Stop Number 1: Ammergau. Located deep within […]

Beautiful Sights

Today was a day of beautiful sights (and beautiful weather). We drove to the Alps and stopped at some churches, castles, and even an Olympic stadium while we were there. We got lucky with great weather – a perfect winters day. The first castle we visited was Linderhoff Palace. It was King Ludwig II’s hunting […]

Sending a Hej! From Jokkmokk!

Reporting from the Arctic Circle here in a very cold Jokkmokk. While we are all so busy frolicking the snow, we managed to find some downtime to do our homework, play some cards and go to school. I’m sure you are all eager to hear about our very intense Uno game, but first let me […]

A Heavy Day of Experiencing and Exploring

    As Kirsten points out in her blog post, our day began in the town of Dachau at the site of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.  We spent over four hours reflecting and remembering the thousands of people who died during their imprisonment at the camp from 1933 to 1945.  It was truly an […]

A Day at Dachau

Getting out of bed in the morning is generally hard, but it’s especially hard when you know you’re going to be visiting a concentration camp. Around 9:30 this morning, a very quiet group of Gusties made the trip to Dachau Concentration Camp, about ten miles northwest of Munich. In 1933, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the […]

Snow Day: München Style

I must say that picturesque snow, tired students and an excited tour guide was the best way to start our first full day in München. As we began loading the bus this morning around 9:30 am, the snow started to fall. At first it fell so softly and beautifully, then it became more fierce and […]

The Last Journey

Munich, the city of angels, wait no that’s not right. Munich, the city of the past; a strange but fitting name. As we soon found out today. Bavaria is something of a special place here in Germany. For most people living in the United States it is the image of Germany that comes to mind. […]

We’ve come to the end

Hello to all of the friends and family members following along with this blog. As I type, the group is checking into their flight at the Dublin airport.  This morning started (or last evening continued for some/most….) at 2:15am with the hotel wake up call. So be prepared, your students will be EXHAUSTED when you […]

The Last Day!! :(

Today was the last day of visiting the beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Today was set to be our day to venture and explore the great city of Dublin. The day started after a most needed night sleep after the early start to the day before. The complimentary breakfast at our Best Western Hotel was a traditional […]