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jesseowens_film_landingThe Olympic Quest class met on Sunday night (January 4th 2015). During class we watched a documentary about the amazing track star Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany winning four gold medals. Owens represented courage and sportsmanship that inspired many athletes after his incredible performance. Jesse Owens also resembled freedom and equality during a time of progressive racism and discrimination in the world.

The Jesse Owens story can relate to coach Steve Wilkinson’s philosophy of the Three Crowns from the reading for class. Jesse Owens is an excellent example of the Three Crowns (positive attitude, sportsmanship, and 100% effort). Owens disagreed with almost every aspect  of Germany and its leader Adolph Hitler, the host of the 1936 Olympics. Instead of Owens focusing on the Nazi party’s discriminatory actions, propaganda, and hatred towards people of color, he focused on the competitions and kept a positive attitude throughout the games. This allowed Owens to give 100% effort resulting in four gold medals. Owens also showed great sportsmanship to the German competitors and this led to friendships despite the controversy of the Nazi Party.  This really stuck out to me because Jesse Owens unknowingly represented the Three Crowns in the difficult environment he faced. This was inspiring to me and others because it shows that a positive attitude, 100% effort, and sportsmanship will lead to success.


Written by Ben Halvorson



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