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Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is not how I would describe the students as they rallied around the bus. Regardless the energy was high and anticipation hung in the air like axe body spray in a high school boys locker room. Despite: subzero temperatures, a slight wind, and a small flurry of snow, all the students made it to the bus on time. Hopefully everyone will be this puctual when we get to Germany!

After navigating the maze that is MSP airport, the group arrived at a ticketing center. Taking over every available self-check center, the students printed their tickets and checked any bags they needed on the plane. Only one person was lucky enough to get a fast pass through security, our fearless leader Frau B. And even though we had plenty of time to kill, people still posted up at the gate to wait for the first flight. To pass the time a simple game of “guess the celebrity” was played on one of the students tablet. Eventually the time passed and the flight was reeady to board.

Going into this trip everyone knew there were going to be long flights. But no one was ready to sit on the tarmac for longer than they had been in the air. With a large delay there was some time lost in Chicago. This caused a mad rush to the terminal all the way across the airport and only 30 minutes before boarding began. In this time the students went out to search for any food they wanted to eat in order to hold them over to the next meal. A few bagel sandwiches and large McDonalds bag later the flight was boarding.

This trip was a new experience for many people. Whether this was: their first flight, or the first time in another country, the experience of getting onto a double decker trans-Atlantic flight is always interesting. Just a few hours into the trip meals were handed out. Regardless of what the students had eaten before in the airport, they were more than willing to accept this meal. With full stomachs, and I am sure a few full bladders, the flight began. To pass the time students indulged in free movies and beverages replenished periodically. Sleep was nearly impossible for most due to turbulance and the cramped sections of seats at the back of the plane. Everyone was willing to work through the fatigue to catch the next plane when we landed.

With delays at nearly every previous airport, the chance of getting the connecting flight to Bremen seemed slim without rushing. With a quick check at customs and small bathroom breaks for many, the final flight of the journey was close. Squeezing ontto a bus, the trip took us to a small plane on the tarmac ready to be boarding with snacks being handed out at the door.

Sleep deprived and jetlagged, the students arrived in Bremen with high expectations. Through all this the students still seem ready to explore Germany and all it has to offer.


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