Our First Day in Berlin

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Well, we finally made it!  Other than being very very tired from the travel and the time change, we had a great day.  When we arrived in Berlin at about 5 p.m. their time we boarded a bus to get to our hotel.  It is the Mercure hotel in Berlin and is a super nice place.  We are staying in doubles right now, so the rooms are super cozy.  After we had some time to freshen up, we went to an authentic German restaurant.  It was called Lindenbrau, and everyone was able to order and taste some German beer.  We all had salads, bread crumb coated Wiener Schnitzel, bread, potatoes, and apple cake for dessert.  We were all stuffed after the meal and were impressed by the food, beer, and wine.  After dinner we had two groups present their projects.  The first project was a background on German culture, and we learned how to say some common German phrases that will help us throughout the week.  We also got to learn a German dance, which we attempted in the small space we had available.  The second presentation was on Nazi Germany and the 1936 Olympics.  We ended the presentation with a good old game of jeopardy, which got kind of crazy in our small space.  We are all looking forward to going to bed and getting ready for a big day tomorrow!  Enjoy the pictures!!

-Cassie and Dan



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  1. Jason Banks says:

    Save me some of those pastries, Aaron!