With One Voice Tanzania

Posted on January 11th, 2015 by

Hello from Tanzania!!  The group is having trouble posting their blogs so they have asked me to let you know what is happening until they can do it themselves!  I received a long text from Barb last night.  The group was in Arusha having pizza.  The small cafe they were in had wifi so the phones were working! Barb said the trip so far has been great!  They visited Plaster House and two separate hospitals, plus a project that involved  students with disabilites.  They had just returned from the Maasai Girls school where they had a service and danced with all of the girls. It was so very much fun for all!

Barb wants you to know everyone is well and having fun charading with their bus driver who’s primary language is Swahili. They were going to be traveling on to Moshi after their pizza.  Barb’s hope was to get students blogging tonight, so keep checking!

Best, Linda Shaw



  1. Rebecca Welp says:

    Thank you Linda! It was so great to get an early morning text from Ashley. Look forward to their posts if they are able to get a connection.

  2. Kari Berg says:

    thanks for the update I check this like 5 times a day and he was so nice to hear all of that. keep having fun!

  3. Kary Kay Goff says:

    Sounds like the beginning of the trip is going awesome! Glad to know that everyone made it there safe and sound. Thanks for the update and look forward to reading the next blog. Safe Travels!