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Jambo! (Hello)

On Friday January 9th we visited the Plaster House in Arusha. This facility was founded by Mark Jacobson who is the director of the Arusha Lutheran medical center. Plaster house was founded as a place for children who had disabilities that need surgical corrections and needed a place to recover safely. It is funded by donations mostly and then also what parents can give. While there, parents aren’t allowed to live there. Most kids stay and average of 3 months. When we visited we toured the facility and sang songs for the kids. They clearly really enjoyed our singing and sang back to us. Afterwards we played games, colored, and made paper airplanes with the kids for a bit. I think it was almost more fun for us than the kids! The people were nice enough to provide a lunch for us, and we enjoyed in the courtyard where they were building a playground. We donated a few toys and coloring supplies while there, which are going to go good use. Earlier in the day we dropped off around 30 textbooks at the nursing school on our way from the medical center to the plaster house. Our voices were warned at the medical center because we sang during their morning devotions. We got some videos taken of us so we will probably be youtube stars in the near future! We got a tour and this is the nicest we think we will see here. All very interesting! It was a great first day with an amazing group and we can’t wait for you to read about all the other experiences we will have. There’s not a lot of wifi, but keep checking back!


Mungu awabarkiki! (God bless you)

Heather goff and Meghan Heldt

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    Thank you for the pictures. It helps me to see :)