Moshi By: Megan Spear

Posted on January 12th, 2015 by

Hello from Tanzania!

Today (January 12th) we visited the Kilimanjaro Christian medical center in Moshi. We sang our favorite Tanzanian songs to patients, and the nurses took us to visit almost every ward. One of the coolest parts was when patients and visitors would sing and dance along with us! It showed us how much it means to them. Then we visited the Bill Gates Malaria Research Center, where people continue to research potential medications to combat malaria. Later we visited the home of a Gustavus alumnus! Her name is Ruth and she graduated in 1962. We just happened to run in to her yesterday and she asked us where we were from. When she found out we were gusties, she invited us to visit her home! We ended the day with a trip to a local art gallery and shop, where we purchased some beautiful souvenirs. Also, our hotel for the night has a beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro!




  1. joe spear says:

    Hi. Megan. Glad the trip is so great. Have fun. Learn much. Mom and dad.

  2. Kari Berg says:

    thanks for sharing your experience and picture.