Maasai Girls School

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Blog written by Kristine Rogers and Claire Goblirsch:

“On Sunday morning, we arrived at the Maasai Girls School in Arusha in time to participate in their morning Lutheran worship service. The hymns and prayers were spoken and sung in English. Pastor Todd Mattson gave the gospel and the message. Our class performed as the choir, singing three songs. The girls seemed to enjoy our singing in Swahili. After the worship service, we gathered outside and the girls sang a song in Swahili. We then had a time to drink tea and eat a snack of sambusa and mandazi. During this tea time the head master of the school, Seth, spoke to us about some Maasai traditions and the journey the girls take to be able to attend school. After hearing about this, we realized that in America some view high school as a burden whereas these Maasai girls find it to be an honor and privilege to attend secondary school. Later, we took a tour of the campus led by some older students. We were able to meet and visit with some of the girls. It was fun to get to know them and see what life is like at their school. We even did a little dancing and singing to modern American music. It was a long Minnesotan goodbye because it was hard to leave these sweet girls. This visit made an incredible impact on us, reinforcing our appreciation for the education we are receiving at Gustavus.”



  1. Margaret Hannemann says:

    We were glad to hear about your experiences…..they sound great!!! Your positive attitudes reflect your personalities!!! We look forward to your next “share”. Love you Grandpa&Grandma

  2. Margaret Hannemann says:

    We were glad to hear about your experiences…..they sound great!!!! Your positive attitudes reflect your personalities!!!! We look forward to your next “share”.Grandpa & Grandma

  3. Kari Berg says:

    very nice, Kids over here should all experience that so they would know how blessed they are.

  4. Sue Goblirsch says:

    Love reading your posts! You are making memories of a lifetime. I’m sure you are treasuring every moment! Enjoy!