The Power of Wind

Posted on January 16th, 2015 by

Today, we were able to visit a traditional windmill. One of the only mills still in production of flour in Osfriesland. This mill was built in the mid 1800’s and is still in working order which we all found pretty impressive. After that, we were able to visit one of the many modern wind turbines used to collect electricity. They are identical to ones that can be seen in the heartland of the US. Ostfiesland has so many turbines, that it can produce enough electricity to power the entire region, and still have some power to give to neighboring regions. Later in the day, we got a chance to play a traditional Ostfriesland game called Bolssen. The game is played on the road and is kind of like bowling, but a little different. This is a team sport and you basically try to roll the hard wooden ball down the raod as far as you can before it rolls into the water-filled ditches. We all had a very fun time with this and was a great way to learn about some of the traditions of Northern Germany.


This was the view from the top of the traditional windmill.

IMG_20150116_040202697  IMG_2310


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