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imageToday we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends in Ostfriesland. At breakfast Kendyl and I had our last cups of Ostfresian tea, then we lugged our bags downstairs and  headed to Strieks Haus to meet up with everyone else. When we arrived Jim offered to take our picture with our wonderful host parents Eddy and Muske. They are two very wonderful people. I had such a great time staying with them – they took great care of us. I’m going to miss them and will hopefully be staying in touch with them. Maybe one day I’ll make it back to Ostriesland and be able to see them again. Once everyone was gathered in the house Frau said a few words and, of course, cried. All of us had bought our host parents flowers (or trees or a cactus) the other day and we presented the gifts to them this morning. Kendyl and I had picked out blue hydrangeas and Eddy and Muske, who are big gardeners, seemed to like them. After we gave them the plants we all took a big group picture.Then, after a few more hugs and some more tears – even from me- we departed. All of the host parents stood there and waved as we drove away on our big fancy coach bus.

There is one more person we had to say goodbye to today that I have to mention – Lisa. She was our coordinator, our tour guide, and our friend. I think I speak (or write) for everyone when I say that we will all miss her. The six hour bus ride to Berlin was very borning without her commentary on everything we drove by. She taught us so much about Ostfriesland and it’s obvious she how much she loves her home.

Overall it was a day filled with both saddness and excitement. We were all sad to be leaving our new friends, but we are all excited for the rest of our trip. Now we are in Berlin – which I can already tell is extremely different from Ostfriesland – and we are ready for the next chapter of this exciting adventure, but we will always remember our friends in Grossefehn. Personally, I hope to make it back there one day.



  1. L J Riley says:

    Sounds like a fabulous trip! <3

  2. Jacquelie Johnson says:

    I am so happy to hear you are having an amazing time MIss you!!