Exploring Diversity One Room at a Time Posted on January 20th, 2015 by

Today we had the great privilege to visit the good people of the Jugend Museum and experience their exhibition titled “Villa Global.”  The exhibit gave us the chance to explore 14 different bedrooms designed by real Berlin immigrants and their children that originated everywhere from Iran to Rwanda.  Each room had a personal touch that gave its visitors a taste of what life is like for each bedroom designer including what interests them and also their hopes and dreams in the big city of Berlin.


After learning about each person through their possessions we circled up and discussed what we found moving and interesting.  We discussed things like race, religion, and sexual orientation and how each and every person brings a new perspective to the community they live in.  I think many of us were surprised to find that Berlin is such a melting pot of nationalities and cultures.  The tradition of immigration really dates back to the years after WWII when thousands of immigrants, known as “guest workers,” flooded the city to repair the damage left by the war.   As the years passed these “guests” became more permanent and settled all across the capital city.

Today the Jugend Museum works to inform the people of Berlin about the many different people and cultures that surround the city and they especially work with the children in the schools.  The museum is funded primarily through government grants and to a lesser extent from private donations.



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