London, England: home of telephone booths, Big Ben, and Harry Potter

Posted on January 20th, 2015 by

Our day began early this morning by checking out of our hotel in Paris and heading to the train station to begin our trek to London, imageEngland! Before we boarded the EuroStar we had a heartfelt goodbye with our two phenomenal tour guides. Due to a recent fire in the Chunnel our train ended up being delayed by an hour. Overall, the EuimageroimageStar was a really cool experience! Alas, our tour guide, John, was unfazed by the delay and met us in Limageondon. After meeting John we boarded the bus and began our brief tour of the city, set to be continued tomorrow. John pointed out sites such as the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and Kings Cross Station, home of the famous Platform 9 3/4!

Once our tour was complete, we were dropped off at our hotel and given the rest of the afternoon to begin exploring the city on our own. Some students chose to visit the Imperial War Museum, while other chose to spend their time viewing Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. A personal favorite activity was the discovery of a stand selling waffles covered with Nutella!

This evening, the group trekked 45 minutes to The Melton Mowbray, a restaurant located in central London, where we feasted on a delicious traditional English meal, Fish and Chips. It was quite the experience to get the entire group through the heavily trafficked streets to our restaurant!

After a long day of traveling and various activities, we ended the day with a hour of class. We listened to four presentations from our peers on tropics including Pop Culture in England, Shakespeare and the West End, Winston Churchill, and Architecture in the Olympics. We are very happy to have safely arrived in London and are extremely excited to continue our journey in this great city!



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