Diversity in Berlin

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by

Today was all about different cultures and divesity within Berlin. We started off the day be visiting the FHXB Museum where we learned about section of Berlin called Kreuzberg. Within the museum, we walked around on a map of the area and discussed the many different reasons a person might immigrate, both positive and negative. After the museum, we enjoyed a guided walking tour of Kreuzberg where we learned about the Turkish community and how life differed between Kreuzberg and the main streets of Berlin. We ended the tour with a visit to the Merkez Mosque. While in the Mosque, we learned all about the traditions and background of the Islamic religion. We then enjoyed lunch at a traditional Turkish restaurant which was very delicious, and just the right thing to warm us all up after a bitterly cold afternoon! Later in the evening, we all walked down to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum which was conveniently around the corner from our hotel. The museum was rooms upon rooms filled with different artifacts and interesting stories about escape attemps and much more! A very exciting and educational end to our day.


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