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Greetings from London!

Today was a great day in this fine city! We started off our morning at the British museum, to which we traveled by the Tube! We did not have to pay to get into the museum, and this is something that is quite common in the United Kingdom, for all things intellectual are valued very highly here! We saw exhibits of pieces of history from all over the world- one thing we really enjoyed seeing was the Rosetta Stone and the Ancient Egyptian statues and the Hieroglyphics that covered them. One other thing we really enjoyed seeing was a piece of the Berlin Wall in an exhibit on Germany- it was super cool and exciting, considering we had just been at the wall and had learned about it and its significance a short week ago! After the visit to the museum, we had some freedom and opportunity to do some of the things we wanted to do in London! We are all becoming very good at navigating the Tube and are getting ourselves around the city without any issues. Some classmates went to a show in the West End, some went shopping at Picadilly Circus, and others continued to sightsee at places such as King’s Cross station (Home of Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4), Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, and the Tower Bridge. Tonight we will enjoy a delightful supper at a local pub and many students will continue to explore after dinner! It has been a great time in London and it is hard to believe that the trip is coming to a close!

Cheers and Happy Friday to all of our family and friends at home!

Jenny Banyard and Danielle Kirsch


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