The Medival Rothenburg Posted on January 25th, 2015 by


Over looking Nürnberg from the fortress

Today we left the wonderful city of Berlin and headed for the historical town of Rothenburg. On the way we stopped in Nürnberg for lunch and hung around there for a couple of hours. We climbed to the top of the town to the fortress and got to see all of Nürnberg. It was a great break from the long bus ride to Rothenberg.

Once we arrived to our hotel we all grabbed our luggage from the very small bus we rode and checked into the hotel. I used the time before supper to catch up on some journaling.

For supper we ate a nice four course meal that included a soup, salad, pork and potatoes and pudding. It was very delicious.

Tonight we went on an awesome “night watchmen” tour of Rothenburg lead by a night watchmen himself. We got to see many great places around the town and I can’t wait to explore them tomorrow before we head to Munich!




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