Munich Here We Come! Posted on January 26th, 2015 by

Today was the day we packed up our things and traveled to our last destination of the trip, Munich! This morning, we got up and had the morning to tour the medeival city of Rothenburg. Everyone had their own plans for the morning but we all chose to tour inside the church of St. Peter. Later, a couple girls and I chose to stop into a few shops and walk around the city wall during our free time. The view from the city wall was spectacular! Many of us stoped into a cafe and tried Rothenburgs famous pastry, the schneeball! After our free time in Rothenburg, it was time to load the bus and head to Munich! The trip wasn’t too long and before we knew it we were checked into our hotel! Later in the evening we had dinner in a nearby restaurant then enjoyed some live music at the Hofbräuhous!


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