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Munich, the city of angels, wait no that’s not right.

Munich, the city of the past; a strange but fitting name. As we soon found out today. Bavaria is something of a special place here in Germany. For most people living in the United States it is the image of Germany that comes to mind. What, with all the Lederhosen, Beer and Barmaids. But as a group we had a tour today and discovered so much more of what the city of Munich holds. Even in these, the last days of our trip, we are discovering novel things which distinquish Germans from our stereotypes. Our day began, as many have before, with the breakfast in the hotel. Not long after we were greeted by the tour guide for the day. A man who has lived in Germany for the past 20 years but is intially from Finland. The bumpy roads and dangerous traffic of the big city couldn’t stop this man from telling us about the history contained within Munich. Whether it was the aging buildings constructed by the previous kings, or the new sections rebuilt after the wars. He had a fact and a quip for almost every situation.

His tour took us from the old salt trading roads to the newer musuems of today. What was striking, at least to me, was how much all of these things got influenced by the Nazis during their control. Many of the places we visited had been, in some way, changed to fit with the “true German” ideals. But Munich is not all about that, even though that is the majority of what Americans are taught. Instead I want to show the Munich of today. Of the city that has more to offer than just Octoberfest and a place of the Nazi culture.

After our tour we were allowed to walk around and enjoy the city on our own. Personally it seems that in smaller groups it is easier to get a feel for what life is like in the city. Instead of walking around in a large blob of tourists who are nnoticable where ever they go. So when we split into groups each person came back with some new information. Some found a nice place to eat at a local brew house and felt the atmosphere that comes with that. Others, like myself, found a restaurant tucked away which serves less-then-traditional meals. But has a feeling of Germany none-the-less. This experience can be found any time of year and in many parts of the city. Wheter it be the Asam Church with ornate carvings and paintings in, what seems to be, a normal apartment building. Or the local market which has almost any type of food and drink you could want.

All together if this is just the first full day in Munich, I can be sure there is plenty left to discover.  Unforunately though this is the last stop on our trip through Germany. By Saturday we will be returning home with nothing but our memories, reflection journals, and the souvenirs we have gotten. It will be sad to leave, but the joy of it is we can always come back. Until then please continue to follow the blog and comment. Thank you and goodbye!


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