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Hello everyone, my name is Lindsey Reiners and I am a sophomore Geology major. I decided to go on the semester in Sweden because I liked the structure of the program, I wanted to travel rather than live in one spot.

I’m just going to give a quick recap of our last week in Stockholm, which was filled with some really cool tours and a visit from President Bergman and Tom Young. We went as a group on Monday to the Vasa museum, which included seeing the whole Vasa ship inside the museum! The ship sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage, it didn’t even make it out of the Stockholm harbor. In April of 1961, the Vasa was recovered and officially returned to the surface. Today, 95% of the ship is it’s original wood.
On Tuesday, we had a free day. Most of the students went on a Stockholm sculpture hunt, where they ran into president Bergman and Tom Young and got them to pose as a statue!


On Wednesday, we were given a tour of the House of Bernadotte, which was simply amazing. After lunch, we met with the donors who sponsor our Semester in Sweden trip. We met in their conference on a street called “Strandvagen”, which holds some of the most beautiful houses in Sweden!
On Thursday, we met at the Swedish Academy, where we were given a tour of the academy, and learned how they choose the nobel winner for literature. It was very interesting, and the academy was beautiful. We then went to the Nobel Museum, where they had a “parade” of all the pictures of the nobel winners circling around the ceiling, which was my personal favorite part of the museum.
We ended our week with dinner at a place in Gamla-stan called Traditions. It was a small, trendy restaurant that served traditional Swedish foods. We were served meatballs and potatoes and the vegetarians were given a delicious potato dumpling filled with mushrooms. It was a good end to the week with all the Gusties together.
On Friday, the group dispersed for our spring break, which is where I write to you now from Copenhagen, Denmark. Our leaders went to Spain, while some stayed in Sweden, others to Poland, Norway– well, let’s say the Gustavus students are running around from all over Europe and Scandinavia!



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  1. Maria says:

    So glad you are on this trip, Lindsey – I love your perspective and easy going adventurous spirit.