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Snow Day: München Style

I must say that picturesque snow, tired students and an excited tour guide was the best way to start our first full day in München. As we began loading the bus this morning around 9:30 am, the snow started to fall. At first it fell so softly and beautifully, then it became more fierce and […]

The Last Journey

Munich, the city of angels, wait no that’s not right. Munich, the city of the past; a strange but fitting name. As we soon found out today. Bavaria is something of a special place here in Germany. For most people living in the United States it is the image of Germany that comes to mind. […]

We’ve come to the end

Hello to all of the friends and family members following along with this blog. As I type, the group is checking into their flight at the Dublin airport.  This morning started (or last evening continued for some/most….) at 2:15am with the hotel wake up call. So be prepared, your students will be EXHAUSTED when you […]

The Last Day!! :(

Today was the last day of visiting the beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Today was set to be our day to venture and explore the great city of Dublin. The day started after a most needed night sleep after the early start to the day before. The complimentary breakfast at our Best Western Hotel was a traditional […]

Munich Here We Come!

Today was the day we packed up our things and traveled to our last destination of the trip, Munich! This morning, we got up and had the morning to tour the medeival city of Rothenburg. Everyone had their own plans for the morning but we all chose to tour inside the church of St. Peter. […]

Hello Munich!

Our day started out by exploring the St. Jakobs’ Church, a Lutheran church built between the 14th and 15th century.  The inside of the church was beautiful. The altar at the front of the church folded out into a scene suitable for the Christmas season, while the outside of the folds were more suitable for […]

Welcome to Ireland !

This morning we got an early start to the day by checking out of our hotel at 4:15 am. Once we got to the airport we went through security and eventually boarded the plane and we were all ready to be on our way to Ireland! Unfortunately, we experienced a delay due to a couple […]

The Medival Rothenburg

Today we left the wonderful city of Berlin and headed for the historical town of Rothenburg. On the way we stopped in Nürnberg for lunch and hung around there for a couple of hours. We climbed to the top of the town to the fortress and got to see all of Nürnberg. It was a […]


After leaving Berlin this morning in a tiny bus, we have arrived in the medieval city of Rothenburg. As we were entering the city, you could see the wall surrounding the city by our hotel. We ate a traditional South German dinner with a pork meatloaf and potatoes, along with a dumpling soup and salad. […]

Mwagusi Safari Camp!

On Tuesday this week we departed from Tungamelenga and headed to Ruaha National Park for a two day stay. It was a bumpy ride there, but it was so worth it driving through yet another beautiful part of this country. Our bus driver Peter, was nice enough to stop so we could begin to see […]