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Journey to Växjö, Kalmar and Öland

On the morning of April 15th, we departed from our hotel in Uppsala for a relaxing morning train ride to Växjö.  That afternoon, we congregated at the main square before meeting our families, while some of us had fika at a nearby cafe.  Matt and I would be spending the next five days with Stefan […]

A week with my family in Småland

Over spring break, some of us took the opportunity to reconnect with home again, through a trip back home or spending the week with family and friends.  I chose to spend my spring break with my cousins here.  My cousin Ingela and her husband Lars live on a farm near the small town Ljungby in […]

The Siljan Ring and Another Lovely Day With Kjell

(Wednesday, March 13) Today, we had another adventure with Kjell Westerdahl, this time to the Naturum Dalarna museum and Lake Siljan. Lake Siljan is part of the Siljan Ring or Siljansringen, formed when a meteorite hit what is now Lake Siljan 360 billion years ago.  The recoil from the meteorite impact formed a granite dome […]

The Night Train and Hot, Balmy Mora

The night train brought us to Gävle station at 6:49 in the morning, where we were hurriedly roused to lug our suitcases through the snow and up and down the station stairs, half asleep.  For many of us, it was our first time riding or sleeping on a train.  I had never taken a night […]

Just above the Arctic Circle: Reindeer husbandry with the Sami

(Wednesday, January 23, 2013) Many of us were sore this morning from playing Innebandy (similar to floor hockey) yesterday afternoon.  After our group introduction to the Sámi school (who we were, why we were there, and our different ethnic roots), we had a lecture on Sami language from Anna-Margith Påve.  She spoke both North and Luleå Sámi. […]