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Slightly After the Fact…

Hello again! I’m sure anyone who had been following my blog has probably given up on me ever finishing up my experiences there, so this may not actually fulfill many people’s expectations after all, but I have a little time and it’s 1:24am so why the hell not. Apparently I didn’t even get to Italy […]

My Holiday Break

Hello again! So, I had thought that my next thing to write about was Paris and I was therefore way behind but I just checked and in reality, I already wrote about Paris! Good for me! Although, since it’s still been weeks, I think I still count as way behind but let’s think beyond that […]

Christmas is almost here

So, I feel like a lot has happened recently (the My Pictures file on my computer would certainly back me up on that) but I guess I just don’t know where to start. I went to Marburg and Nuremberg on some AAA field trips. The AAA (Akademisches Auslandsamt–or Academic Abroad Office) gives these really handy […]

The Christmas Season!

Hello again, all. It seems it is December. And Heidelberg certainly knows how to get us in the Christmas spirit! As resistant as I was to get into it before Thanksgiving, I am now all for Christmas! I love that there is a Christmas market here AND that it’s so extensive, so you can go […]

Halloween and Since

Halloween was kind of a while ago but I did kind of say I would talk about it. As it turns out, it was really fun but not really “traditional” in the more recent American sense of the idea. Basically we had a party at my friends’ place because they have a large kitchen in […]

That Trip to Salzburg

So, AJY gave us all these German Rail passes and we can use them five days in a 30 day period. A couple of us had some days left and since Annika wanted to see Salzburg, and I had been rather happy with the place (those two other times I’d been there) so me, and […]

Fall Break continued

Hey, remember that time that I was like, “I’ll just continue this post tomorrow,” and actually believed it? That was a funny time. Anyways, it seems I am now really behind so I’ll be trying to catch you up. I’ve had some interesting times and might as well share. I’m also trying to catch up […]

Fall Break

So, I guess last time I failed to mention the DSH, which took up most of my attention that last week. The DSH stands for something that means we need to show how well we know German. We were told from the outset that about half of us would pass and half wouldn’t, but never […]

German Tests and Ending the Preliminary Course

Alright, so we went to Worms on Sunday September 19. That was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday. The Dom (cathedral) there is pretty impressive and it’s where the Diet of Worms took place so there’s a good deal of history to be learned there. (Hint: I didn’t learn it all) Because this […]

Belated Update

So, it seems that I have been too busy for a while to write again so I am making myself do it now before I make the excuse that I’m too tired again. I know a lot has happened since last time but I don’t honestly remember where I left off. (Isn’t that always the […]