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Hello Hållö!

After a day of exploring the city of Göteborg, we began our first day “out in the field” of Geology with Mark on Tuesday. Mark taught at Gustavus for many years before he moved to Sweden in 2003 and began teaching at the University in Göteborg, and he is now head of his department there. […]

To “The Crook State” and Back: Bulgarian Adventures

  In order to describe the following events, I have to back up a few months to this past summer. I worked at a resort called Madden’s in Brainerd as a server in the Lodge, one of Madden’s five restaurants. Since Brainerd is not a very diverse place, international workers were recruited from all over […]

Northern Minnesota Girl in The Big City

Well we have made it through 12 days in Stockholm alive! Despite withstanding vicious winds, countless miles of walking, many important meetings with influential people, and living on a ship with incessantly loud highschoolers, we all managed to make it to Spring Break in one piece. Instead of our days being filled with class and […]

The Journey South: From Sami Land to Ski Country

After a very long and arduous eighteen-hour journey south consisting of a bus, an overnight train, another train, and another bus, we have arrived in Mora. Mora is in central Sweden and home to the dala horse and the Vasaloppet, the infamous 90-kilometer cross-country ski race. This apparently is a big deal, and that fact […]

Blood Pudding and Laundry Adventures in Sverige

24.1.2013 Jokkmokk Cami Andersen We started out the day with a little breakfast—I had müsli (granola with raisins) and yogurt, a new concoction of mine that I am certainly taking back to the States. Yogurt, along with many other products here in Sweden, comes in a cardboard carton rather than a plastic container. The largest […]