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My Fairy Tale Week in Visby

When most people think about college kids on spring break, they think about warm destination spots, beach side resorts, youthful excess, and incessant noise.  Besides the beach part my spring break could not be further from Hollywood’s gaudy stereotype of spring break.  I spent most of my spring break in Visby, the best preserved medieval town in Sweden, […]

Medieval Memories in Modern Stockholm

While my friends will be giving you superb coverage of our day to day travels in Stockholm, I wanted to craft a different narrative for you, one near and dear to my heart.  As you may or may not know, I am an avid medievalist, so Stockholm’s dreamy old buildings and exciting museums have been […]

Mora Week Two: Let the Games Begin

We finally settled into a comfortable groove in our second week  in Mora.  For a rather “normal” week we did a lot: we battled through early classes, survived Vegan food, witnessed  the kick off of the Vasaloppet, and resisted heart attacks after too many Fikas with too many sweets.  So I’ll call it a success! […]

There and back and there and back again: a cold American’s tale by Devon Bealke

January 17th proved to be something of a roller-coaster ride for our group.  We had a few items on the schedule: a quick trip to finalize travel visas at the Migrationsverket (the Migration Board, abbreviated as MV), a return to Umeå University for a lazy stroll, a trip to the Västerbotten History museum, and finally a […]