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South Africa

1/6/13 Joe Poblocki ‘14   To be honest, my faith has never been a critical factor in my life decisions. I was raised Catholic, where Christmas mass is 3½ hours long and we sing minor chords and go through the same service every week. My Dad would make me come to church to compensate for […]

South Africa – a Safari

When I think about Africa, I think of sun and exotic wildlife like nothing we have in the United States. I am not much of a nature girl, but I enjoy seeing animals in their natural environment. At home, I don’t pay much attention to wildlife, and I find most of it rather mundane, possibly […]

South Africa – Grace Balfanz

  Connection. That one word can mean so many different things. Connection between two Lego pieces. Connection in a battery. Connection between two people. Even though all of these connections are different, they all come down to one thing: two becoming one. This past week and specifically yesterday, I have experienced connection like I never […]

South Africa – Kate Knutson

Today when I woke up, I looked over the ocean and thought to myself, “Wow, a few years ago my sister experienced the exact same thing, this exact view, and this exact feeling.” It was like a part of her was with me when I was standing there because we both share this experience, but […]

Africa Jam Camp day 2 – Lauren Schluenz

January 4th, 2013 I woke up this morning in a cabin in South Africa, overlooking the Indian Ocean out one window and the mountains out another.  It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, but yet it still didn’t seem real. Am I actually in South Africa? I was so busy this morning making […]

Africa Jam Camp – Mitch Moore

Beginnings and Ends Today we ended our stay at the Holiday Inn in Capetown, signaling the end of the first step of our South African Journey.  However the reason this end was to start a new beginning at the African Jam Camp, located in Simonstown, about an hour South of Capetown. While this journey meant […]

South Africa – by Olivia Johnson

Today we visited the townships of Locus River and Khayelitsha and it was one of the most eye opening experiences. I would compare these places to the projects back in the U.S. The first thing I noticed about the people that lived in these two townships was that they had a strong bond with those […]

South Africa: Examining Global Service

Greetings! Welcome to the blog for the J-Term course, South Africa: Examining Global Service! This site will serve as a platform for students to share their experience, provide insight into their respective learnings and challenges, and to raise meaningful questions that will engage you, the reader. The blogs will be the students’ answers to the […]