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In Europe’s Greenest City

We arrived in Växjö on Tuesday, April 16th. For the next five days we all got to live with Swedish host families; some of us in the group were in pairs and others were alone. Kallie and I stayed with Magnus and Katarina and their four children, Aaron, Salomon, Miriam, and Efraim. (They also have […]

Spring is Here?

Last week was our Spring break. Instead of going utomlands, I spent the time exploring Sweden. It began in splendid Stockholm. My parents had come to meet me there the week before and we got to know the city together. We walked for days on end before we started taking the bus. Yet, walking was a […]

Skattungbykursen: An Experiment in Sustainable Living

This Wednesday the group took a trip to visit fellow Gustavus student Lesley Darling, who is currently studying organic cultivation and sustainable living through the Skattungbykurs provided by Mora Folkhögskola. The course takes place in the village of Skattung, about 35 minutes outside of Mora. It was begun in 1978 and many of the participants […]

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Settling into our second week in Jokkmokk, we find it easy to navigate. We hold classes in the same classroom (follow the ‘Gustavus’ arrow) and eat in the cafeteria for lunch. The grocery store, which I’m sure I visit almost daily, is within walking distance. The public library and other shops are even closer. I […]