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Last day in chimbote

Today was filled with bittersweetness for our group as we celebrated our last day in the wonderful city of chimbote. To start the day off the students from the english classes set off to the pool! Most of the students have never been to the pool or have only been there once in their lives. […]

A day of new experiences!

Our first weekend in Peru to be tourists and explore the city has started out with a bang! Today our group got the chance to climb a mountain to see the city of chimbote in whole new light. It started out with challenging some fears by driving up the mountain in a bus, but we did […]

Day 2 of Teaching english in chimpote!

Today was another wonderful day in Chimbote! We had another experience of working with children and adults interested in learning english or perfecting what they know.  All the little experiences are starting to become the best parts of our day.  Todays classes went much more smoother then yesterday as our group has become more confident […]