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Our first week on the hill – Jönköping

We arrived in Jönköping after a short train ride from Växjö. The first thing we saw through the train windows as we pulled up was the enormous (2nd largest in Sweden) Lake Vättern. Jönköping is situated at the southern tip of the lake, with large hills on each side of the city. It’s actually quite similar to […]

Spring in Paris and Berlin

Over spring break I decided I would hop over to continental Europe to see Paris and Berlin. After spending 12 days in Stockholm, I thought it would give me a great opportunity to compare 3 very different cities. It’s interesting how cities have a character. Each city certainly feels different, but it’s sort of hard […]

A Bit More of Stockholm

Stockholm is one of those cities with a name that makes you think of certain images or ideas. Beautiful people. Waterways and islands. Old pastel-colored buildings. Often, visiting an actual city shows you that the idea you have of it is actually inaccurate. In Stockholm, the stereotypes are true. The level of fashion here is […]

Winter Ecology with Kjell

We woke up early, bundled up, and first headed to a classroom to properly meet our teacher for the day, Kjell Westerdahl. Today we were having a fieldtrip of sorts. Kjell is the Folkhogskolan’s ecology, math, science, and whatever-else-they-need-him-for teacher. Our focus for the day, and what appeared to be Kjell’s passion, was ecology. We […]

Rudolph the White-Nosed Reindeer

January 25th, Jokkmokk Lars-Anders Baer was our last speaker of the week, and he was full of interesting information. He is a lawyer and Sami politician, and he is heavily involved with various UN committees concerning indigenous people. He appeared to be a very important person as he was on the phone when he came […]