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Snow Day: München Style

I must say that picturesque snow, tired students and an excited tour guide was the best way to start our first full day in München. As we began loading the bus this morning around 9:30 am, the snow started to fall. At first it fell so softly and beautifully, then it became more fierce and […]

Venturing through the streets of Berlin

Our time here in Germany keeps disappearing faster and faster each day. It is hard to believe that we only have about a week left in Europe. Oh how the time flys by when you are having fun! Today we had loads of fun throughout all different eras of German History. Two places that I […]

Even Short Stays Create Sad Goodbyes

Normally, you would not expect for a weeklong stay at a stranger’s house to cause a group of 19-22 year olds grief and pains of sadness upon departure. However, this was the case for us 16 Gustavus students who left Großefehn, Ostfriesland, Germany this morning at 10:45am. Before hopping on the bus to head towards Berlin, […]