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Munich Here We Come!

Today was the day we packed up our things and traveled to our last destination of the trip, Munich! This morning, we got up and had the morning to tour the medeival city of Rothenburg. Everyone had their own plans for the morning but we all chose to tour inside the church of St. Peter. […]

Diversity in Berlin

Today was all about different cultures and divesity within Berlin. We started off the day be visiting the FHXB Museum where we learned about section of Berlin called Kreuzberg. Within the museum, we walked around on a map of the area and discussed the many different reasons a person might immigrate, both positive and negative. […]

Clear Skies All Day

Throughout our week spent in Ostfriesland,we have been noticing a similar pattern in the weather….rain. Although every day so far has had its fair share of rain, today we had a pleasant surprise, blue skies! Along with this surprise came a fun filled day of windmills, traditions, and a brewery. We started our day by […]