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Gustavus junior studying in Istanbul, Turkey for the semester :)


Burası Türkiye!

Our friends cheering at the futbol game: Biking with Anna in Amsterdam: Bir kahvenin kirk yil hatiri vardir. A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. Turkish hospitality is world famous, and its reputation is rightfully earned. Anyone that considers you a friend or guest will treat you with amazing […]

Quick Update!

So, it’s been awhile. Approximately 24 days. Turns out, studying abroad is quite the time-suck. First of all: CRAZY ISTANBUL WEATHER! Coming from Duluth, Minnesota, I thought I knew crazy weather. Blinding sunshine will trick me out into -20 degree-Fahrenheit weather that makes my lungs hurt. The next day, 20 degrees above zero feels like a […]

Culture Shock!

Turkey is another country, which is easy to forget when I am on an English-speaking campus and I hang out with mostly Americans or Western Europeans. I have the luxury of almost always being able to use my first language,  and when I can’t I can often ask a Turkish friend or fellow student to […]


The title of this post (pronounced: majeralar) translates to “adventures”. Every day in this foreign city is an adventure! From speaking with my hands and terrible Turkish to trying new foods to meeting new people, even the mundane here is exciting. We went out to eat on Wednesday, and this past-time that we all are […]

Sooo Turkish.

The morning of Saturday, February 5th I had my second dramatic airport goodbye with my boyfriend, this time in the Dusseldorf airport, and in the evening of Saturday, February 5th I was sitting in an empty dorm building in Istanbul a state of mild panic. I am a little more settled now, and can finally […]

I thought I would get skinny in Europe

It’s a well-known fact: all people who study abroad in the U.S.A.  gain twenty pounds and those who go to Europe lose about twenty pounds. It’s proven, trust me. Google it. Anyways, so I thought I would magically come to Europe and lose some weight. I have to walk everywhere, they don’t have fast food, […]

things are lekker in the Netherlands

This is my sixth day in Holland. I arrived in the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam at 1030 a.m. in a daze. It felt really strange to be in a foreign country on my own. I immediately got harrassed by some military police for straying too far from my bags. I felt so foolish staring blankly at him […]

Prepared for Departure

I’m not nervous. The business-like brevity of everything at airports makes me feel settled and that everything is in order, and it is.