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Mwagusi Safari Camp!

On Tuesday this week we departed from Tungamelenga and headed to Ruaha National Park for a two day stay. It was a bumpy ride there, but it was so worth it driving through yet another beautiful part of this country. Our bus driver Peter, was nice enough to stop so we could begin to see […]

Preaching points and Masaii village visits.

      Driving through the village streets of Tungamelenga it was not uncommon to see people in traditional Masaii garb and the next in a mixture of western attire with a Tanzanian flair. The mixture of holding tight to bush culture and the yearning for urbanization worked seamlessly together. Yet the preconceptions we held […]

Tungamalenga Village

Written by  Kelsey Harms and Rachel Arnold On the 16th we woke up and headed to Tungamalenga village. The three hour ride there consisted of a very bumpy narrow road. We first arrived to the church being greeted by beautiful songs from the people of their congregation. Mothers and children were dancing and clapping for […]

Arrived in Iringa!

Picture from Liz Olson upon arrival in Iringa!    

“We’re sort of rockstars here”

16 GUEST STUDENTS VISIT THE COMMUNITY Here, is a picture of Gustavus students with Mayor Olaf and their instructors in Fehntjer Mansion, Ostfrieslend. January 13, 2015    

Adventures in Iringa with Hannah and Abby!

Hello! Hannah Olson and Abby Simms here from Iringa, Tanzania     We arrived at night on Tuesday night after a long 13 hour bus ride. We drove through Mukina National Reserve and saw herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, impala, baboon, and wilda beast! We screamed like a bunch of little girls when […]

Maasai Girls School

  Blog written by Kristine Rogers and Claire Goblirsch: “On Sunday morning, we arrived at the Maasai Girls School in Arusha in time to participate in their morning Lutheran worship service. The hymns and prayers were spoken and sung in English. Pastor Todd Mattson gave the gospel and the message. Our class performed as the […]

Moshi By: Megan Spear

Hello from Tanzania! Today (January 12th) we visited the Kilimanjaro Christian medical center in Moshi. We sang our favorite Tanzanian songs to patients, and the nurses took us to visit almost every ward. One of the coolest parts was when patients and visitors would sing and dance along with us! It showed us how much […]

Arusha ! Heather Goff and Meghan Heldt

Jambo! (Hello) On Friday January 9th we visited the Plaster House in Arusha. This facility was founded by Mark Jacobson who is the director of the Arusha Lutheran medical center. Plaster house was founded as a place for children who had disabilities that need surgical corrections and needed a place to recover safely. It is […]

With One Voice Tanzania

Hello from Tanzania!!  The group is having trouble posting their blogs so they have asked me to let you know what is happening until they can do it themselves!  I received a long text from Barb last night.  The group was in Arusha having pizza.  The small cafe they were in had wifi so the […]