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Rain and Rugby

This past weekend we went to a Rugby game in Moshi.  Football (soccer) is the true game of Tanzania – and the world – but Rugby is gaining popularity.  Introduced in Kenya during the colonial period it has since spread south and is becoming common in Tanzania.  So down the hill we went to Moshi.  […]

The sky is falling!

Ka-boom! come the noises in the evening. Another bowling ball lands on our roof. The loud noises echo through our open house and are only enhanced by the sloping metal roof. The first few times, you jump and say, “What was that?”. After a while you get more curious and really wonder, “What could that […]

Over the bridge and through the banana fields to Arusha we shall go…

On our drives to and from Arusha we have gotten to see a lot of the landscape of this area. Though it only takes about 90 minutes to there is a high diversity in the environment. Mweka is on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro at an elevation of 1400 metres. The landscape is lush up […]

This little piggy went to the market

One of the first orders of business after arriving in Mweka was to go shopping. Although we were provided with furniture, plates and cups, we had no towels, silverware and other such household items. So off we went to Arusha. In Tanzania you won’t find any department stores or shopping malls. Shopping is done, for […]

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

After many hours of airtime, several security checkpoints and tasteless airline food we find ourselves far from the rolling hills of corn and soybeans in Southern Minnesota. But I should start at the beginning. On Friday we left in the afternoon with six large duffle bags and two carry-ons from the Minneapolis airport. From there […]


Hello! This year I will be traveling to half way around the world to the heart of east Africa, Tanzania.  I graduated last spring and was afforded the opportunity to live in a different country for a year.  For the next nine months  I will be living in Tanzania doing volunteer projects like teaching children English. […]