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Standing on Kinekulle

Our geology field trip with Mark was a very interesting and enlightening experience.  It was amazing to see all of the old rock formations and really put the earths age into perspective.  One of the parts that was the most interesting which made it easy to see the history of the area was when the […]

The Family Comes to Sweden

For our spring break, my parents, brother, and grandmother came to Sweden to see this wonderful country and to try to dig into our family history.  Our spring break was very interesting and filled with many “I can’t believe this moments.”  We had the start of our trip in Stockholm.  We spent 3 nights in […]

Mora and Mondays With Matt

Our time in Mora so far has been very fun.  We are here right as the city is starting to swell with racers and viewers for the annual Vasaloppet ski race.  The number of people here has already greatly increased in size from when we first arrived here two weeks ago.  It has been very […]