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The Power of Wind

Today, we were able to visit a traditional windmill. One of the only mills still in production of flour in Osfriesland. This mill was built in the mid 1800’s and is still in working order which we all found pretty impressive. After that, we were able to visit one of the many modern wind turbines […]

Volkswagon Central

Today, January 14th, we got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Emden. This city is host to a Volkswagon factory in which the popular Passat is manufactured. The entire process is pretty interesting. First we got to see the sophisticated robotics that weld and mend what becomes the chassi. We then followed the […]

Our First Full Day in Grossefehn

Today, January 12th, we got a chance to experience Grossefehn, and Northern Germany. As a group we were able to tour a German dairy farm which was very interesting because while some of us are from rural areas, many of us are not. We then went to a local museum and learned about how people […]