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My name is Sam Hemmerich and I am a Biology and Studio Art double major at Gustavus. I am on the competitive speech team, am the co-anchor for gac-tv, am a member of ambassadors, the crossroads program, and guslink. This semester I am spending my time away from small-town st. peter and in the metropolis of downtown Florence! Follow my CICE blog and see as I struggle and enjoy this once of a lifetime experience!


The Rents and their visit to Florence part one: Cinque Terre Trip

Before I made the big trip to Florence back in September, I knew that my parents and my sister were all very interested in making a trip across seas to visit me. Both for personal and supportive reasons. So, this last week, the plans actually became reality! On a Monday morning, my parents and their […]

Fall break to Paris and Amsterdam: culture shock at its finest.

Unlike Gustavus, Lorenzo de’ Medici has the best fall break ever! Each year, they have a break long enough for American Students to explore Europe while they’re here for a short time. So, taking full advantage of this break, Melanie, Selin, Lauren (her boyfriend as well) and I all scheduled a nice, well-deserved, trip across […]

Dear America, I miss the following…

After being isolated from the state side for over a month now, I have been able to create an extensive list of things I both miss and don’t miss about our good ole heartland. (In no particular order) I miss…. 1. Netflix, Hulu, and all streaming that doesn’t work outside of the U.S. 2. American […]

Wait, I’m here to study?

Now, I know a very good reason to study abroad is to simply get the cultural experience and do something you’ll never have a chance to ever do again in your life. For me, that was just one small reason to study abroad. The main overlying factor that influenced my decision was the all the […]

First Time outside of Tuscany: The Alps, Garda Lake, and Verona!

I will begin with an apology for all of you who’ve been waiting for me to blog again. Sorry it took such a long time but I got caught up with classes and traveling. Now that I’m back into the swing of things, I’m far past due for another post! This particular entry will highlight […]

People Watching: Duomo style!

So you think the Mall of America or the State Fair is good for people watching? Psh. Go to the duomo and experience international people watching! ┬áIt brings the whole experience to a whole new level. Various groups/types of people who are rather enjoyable to people watch: 1. German Gangs 2. Awkward couples 3. Bros […]

First Gelato, First Pizza, and First Day!

I would have never imagined that so many exciting things could happen in such a small amount of time! In a nutshell, since we got off the plane in the Florence airport we managed to go to our hostel, roam downtown, eat gelato, eat at a pizzeria (gustapizza!!!), get a good night’s rest (jetlag succccks), […]

Up, Up, and Away to Florence!

The plane ride to florence for a semester!