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Pieces of Flamenco Dance

Thinking about Spain, most people imagine about bullfights and flamenco dances and I think it is fair to say that those are the two most typical images of Spain. Unfortunately the bullfight season is over and I will not be able to report about my experience of watching a bullfight because I never went to […]

Mediterranean Aspects in Spanish Food

As part of my program with CIEE, we can take part in different groups of interest throughout the semester. Each group of interest focus on various aspects of the Spanish culture and in the end of the semester, we travel to another city or even country to look at the culture from outside of Sevilla. […]

The university and a little surprise.

My two weeks of intensive Spanish grammar with CIEE came to an end and my regular classes started on Monday. This semester I am taking two classes at CIEE and two at the University of Sevilla. The classes I am taking at the University are the “cursos para los extranjeros” – classes for foreigners, which […]

“Hi! I am from Spain and I am Castilian.”

I met this guy from Madrid and that was how he introduced himself and I found it interesting. Castilian is the word used to describe people from Castile. Castile is not a city but one of the five old kingdoms that constituted Spain, the coats of arms of which still appear on the flag of […]

Laid-back lifestyle of people in Southern Spain

Sometimes when I walk to class, I still get a little upset that I am spending at least an hour and a half everyday just walking and I could have done something else more helpful within that time. What keeps me from complaining all the time is the fact that most other Spanish people are […]

Sevilla – Love and Culture.

I had a conversation with my host mom today about Sevilla, its culture and what she thinks about the States. I did not get any specific answer because she loves everything and is just really optimistic about everything. My host mom was born in Osuna, a small town in the province of Sevilla. She said […]

My new home.

So I have moved into my homestay for exactly a week today. I live with a señora and her 37-year-old daughter in an apartment in a neighborhood called “Los remedios,” which is pretty far from the Santa Cruz center of Sevilla. People living in the center often live in houses. I just got to know […]

Homesickness and Culture Shock.

Some people are meant to be world travelers. They can just go anywhere, stay, eat the food and live like a local. A friend that I just met in my group, after a day in Sevilla, decided that he is going to live here permanently, and he was serious. Another friend of mine changed her […]

Greetings from Sevilla!

Hola! This semester, I am going to be in Seville, Spain. I like to call it Sevilla, because that is how the city is called in Spain. I am with CIEE Liberal Arts in Sevilla program. I will be taking some classes from CIEE and some classes at the University of Sevilla with other international […]