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I’ve Seen the Great Heights!

Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains, from anywhere you are in Bergen you can see at least 3 or 4. Never in my life did I imagine that I could climb a mountain that high.  Saturday morning, when most people my age are sleeping in from a long night of partying, I woke up early […]

Norway in a Nut Shell: Fjord Tour

Now this is what Norway is all about! Pristine, clear, blue water and snow capped mountain tops. I marveled at the sight of these beautiful mountains and valleys because Minnesota is so FLAT, well at least where I have been. First we, my buddy Reed and I, took a train to Voss, then a bus […]

Fall Break, Destination: Bergen, Norway

Apologies, I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been wrapped up in school work and my internship. That’s right, I am interning at a local high school but it is actually more of a trade school.  The group I am working with is called the Miljogruppa (Environment group).  They are like a policing […]

Graffiti in Oslo

I should have been tired the first day I arrived in Oslo but the excitement of being in a new country kept me up all day.  The directors told us to not go eat out much because it gets expensive but we went out anyways.  We were told to go to Gronland, where things would […]

The Power of Transportation: Destination Oslo, Norway

I grew anxious as soon as I entered the MSP airport to see long lines, security officers, and people who budged lines because they had gold passes.  Surprisingly I made it through all the security checks quicker than I thought. My flight was scheduled for a 2 hr flight to New York then I would have […]