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After a weekend of fun and acting like tourists, its back to the grind here in Chimbote as classes and homestay visits resumed. Teaching class seems a little easier now that we have a hang of things and have been very good at planning out the lessons for class. Unfortunately, today was a rough day […]

la playa!

Hola! Today we traveled by boat to a small island off the coast of Chimbote. The person running the boat gave us a tour on our way to the island, unfortunately it was all in Spanish so only a few of us knew what he was saying. Once we got close to the island, we […]

A day of new experiences!

Our first weekend in Peru to be tourists and explore the city has started out with a bang! Today our group got the chance to climb a mountain to see the city of chimbote in whole new light. It started out with challenging some fears by driving up the mountain in a bus, but we did […]

After 1 week in Peru…

We have now completed our first week of classes, clinical experiences, and home visits! We are exhausted… but feel accomplished. We’ve enjoyed getting to know and making connections with the Chimbotanos. They are very energetic and eager to learn. Last night we went to Nueva Chimbote and ate at a nice Argentinian restaurant. It was […]

Day 2 of Teaching english in chimpote!

Today was another wonderful day in Chimbote! We had another experience of working with children and adults interested in learning english or perfecting what they know.  All the little experiences are starting to become the best parts of our day.  Todays classes went much more smoother then yesterday as our group has become more confident […]

Tres Reyes de Chimbote

Hello friends and family! Today was a very busy day, which began with us being introduced during morning mass to the community. There was a Christmas celebration of the three kings in which we participated. We walked with three Chimbotanos who were dressed as kings and were recovering addicts/alcoholics. We walked through the town, delivering […]

Bienvenidos a Chimbote!

Hola family and friends! We have reached Chimbote safe and sound. After a total of 8 1/2 hours of air travel, we arrived in Lima and had to travel a bit more to our hotel last night. After 4 hours of rest, we were up at 6:30am and travelled an additional 6 1/2 hours by […]


Today was our first day together as a group. We spent the day writing a mission statement for our trip (awesome work!!), discussing the chapters we were assigned in The Peru Reader, meeting with the other students to present the portions we learned, then back with our healthcare and education groups to make a poster […]

Education and Healthcare in Peru

OK folks – here is our blog site.  Have a good holiday and we will see you on January 4 at 9 a.m.  – Mattson hall 201