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Hear about the experiences of members of the Gustavus community traveling abroad!

Peru-Futbol con Padre

Every day when we are finished with classes and healthcare tasks we head to the soccer field to play a  game of futbol with some of the locals.  Futbol is played by many in Peru and is part of the culture here, it has been very enjoyable to participate each day.  Word spreads quickly, and […]

Not Your Typical Faerietales

The beginning of our second week in Ireland was a surprisingly sunny day—a rarity of our time spent in the Burren. In our morning photography class, Priscilla walked us through the fundamentals of natural and urban landscapes by visiting photo collections such as Paul Gaffrey’s We Made the Path by Walking, Richard Mosse’s Infra, Beth […]

Ireland J-Term 2013: Arrival in Ireland

Late Sunday morning, we flew out of the Twin Cities, snow and lakes forming a fractal-patterned Jackson Pollock painting beneath us. Up at thirty thousand feet, it was only a little colder than on the ground below. After landing in New York, a seven-hour layover gave us plenty of time to explore JFK Airport–we were […]

Peru – here we go . . .

Looking forward to getting together with you all next week. Some things to think about . . .  we will be developing a mission statement for the group, so consider the following in preparation for this discussion: • Why are we here (in Peru)? • What is your personal goal for this course? • What […]

An American in Amsterdam

This is my debut in the Amsterdam café-writing scene. Truth be told, this is my first time in any kind of establishment in Amsterdam, and I have been here for four weeks.  Maybe I created an association between spending time in the city with being moderately underwhelming thanks to orientation week.  This is not entirely […]

Journey to Växjö, Kalmar and Öland

On the morning of April 15th, we departed from our hotel in Uppsala for a relaxing morning train ride to Växjö.  That afternoon, we congregated at the main square before meeting our families, while some of us had fika at a nearby cafe.  Matt and I would be spending the next five days with Stefan […]

Our first week on the hill – Jönköping

We arrived in Jönköping after a short train ride from Växjö. The first thing we saw through the train windows as we pulled up was the enormous (2nd largest in Sweden) Lake Vättern. Jönköping is situated at the southern tip of the lake, with large hills on each side of the city. It’s actually quite similar to […]

Spring in Paris and Berlin

Over spring break I decided I would hop over to continental Europe to see Paris and Berlin. After spending 12 days in Stockholm, I thought it would give me a great opportunity to compare 3 very different cities. It’s interesting how cities have a character. Each city certainly feels different, but it’s sort of hard […]

A week with my family in Småland

Over spring break, some of us took the opportunity to reconnect with home again, through a trip back home or spending the week with family and friends.  I chose to spend my spring break with my cousins here.  My cousin Ingela and her husband Lars live on a farm near the small town Ljungby in […]

In Europe’s Greenest City

We arrived in Växjö on Tuesday, April 16th. For the next five days we all got to live with Swedish host families; some of us in the group were in pairs and others were alone. Kallie and I stayed with Magnus and Katarina and their four children, Aaron, Salomon, Miriam, and Efraim. (They also have […]